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About Dream Nails

Dream Nails are part of a queer, punk counter culture ready to disrupt the world order. Fronted by trans performer Leah Kirby, with Lucy Katz on drums, Anya Pearson on guitar and Mimi Jasson on bass, we have built a rep as one of the most vital political bands in the UK. 

We are excited to lead this Arts Council Project facilitating zine workshops with LGBTQ+ communities around the UK. Supporting a culture of DIY creativity is the true spirit of punk. 

As well as workshops, Dream Nails are performing a series of all-ages, accessible concerts.  We are consulting attendees on how to make gigs more accessible. We'll share findings with music industry stakeholders in the hopes of changing the industry for the better.

Would you like Dream Nails to run a zine-making workshop for your community group or workplace? Get in touch below!

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