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All-Ages Concerts

Bringing the sound of queer punk to community spaces and learning about how to make live music more accessible.

Dream Nails are interested in learning about what makes live gig spaces safe and accessible to people in marginalised communities. We will share findings with music industry stakeholders in the hopes of changing the industry for the better.


We are holding private acoustic concerts, which are specially for the LGBTQ+ groups we are directly working with. But there will also be three FREE all-ages concerts that are open to the general public in Colchester, Cambridge and Norwich in 2023.

Colchester - 4 June, the Mercury Theatre, at 7pm. Book your free ticket. 

Cambridge - 15 October, Cambridge Junction at 2pm and 4pm.

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 Attendee, Rainbow Cafe (Blackburn)

"The Dream Nails concert was the first time I heard LGBT music, and I really enjoyed it"
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